Enhanced Business Insights – 2.0.3 Released

As the year comes to an end, we’re launching a new update to help you reward your most loyal customers through out the year.

Business Insight – PaperCloud Demo

Full list of what’s included in this update

Improved Insights
Now displaying insights based on default currency

Top Customers
You can now see a list of your top customer by Last 7 days, This Month, This Year, All Time. This is perfect for rewarding your customers at the end of the year.

Top Products
Same idea with top customers you can now see the top performing items in your catalog.

Top Debtors
Top 10 list of your debtors in a give month, year or all time.

Top Funnels
Top 10 funnels where your customers are coming from. This will help you plan your marketing.

All new customers in a give time.

I hope you find it useful in your business…